One mile from the Durness Tourist Information Centre on the road heading east is the car park and toilets for Smoo Cave. There are steps leading down to the cave that can be accessed all year.

Drive about half a mile out of Durness on the road to Tongue, until you see a sign for Smoo Cave. Park without causing any obstruction, and look for the start of the steep path down to the cave entrance.


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Above Ground Plan

Below Ground Plan




Climb down the path and cross the stepping stones to reach the path leading to the interior of Smoo Cave.

From the main cave you can gain access to the smaller cave where the river, the Allt Smoo, noisily pours in through a gap and falls 80 feet. Cross the river again and climb up to a ledge, from where you get good views of the waterfall - in the enclosed space, the noise is quite deafening.


The first chamber is the large opening from the sea inlet

The second chamber is  accessed by a footbridge over the Allt Smoo after the burn drops into a deep pool. 

To access the third chamber a small boat trip over the pool in front of the waterfall is necessary and continues on foot to the last accessible point in the third part of the cave



In the 3rd Chamber divers have tried to dive the pot-hole in the depths of Smoo Cave, but the fine peat silt when disturbed causes visibility problems. 

The third chamber lies underneath Smoo Falls the croft house on the road side opposite the car park at the head of the Geodha.

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