The cave 1936. The cave itself has changed very little. Access is easier and more buildings are around the top.


The rocky slopes around the cave are usually abundant with stone graffiti left as a reminder by tourists and a token of a visit.

The cave was used as a store for the 18th Century Orkney merchant and builder of Smoo Lodge. He is also reputed to have built the small limestone block hut at the foot of the path while he traded out of the geodha (inlet) of Smoo. He is reputed to have employed local women to carry sacks of meal up the steep track from the beach to the clifftop, in return for an oatmeal biscuit. This house is roofless but is a sturdy building.  

The isolated blocks of rock outside the main chamber and in the long narrow sea inlet are remnants of pillars which once supported caverns like the present one but have since collapsed. It has been stated the inlet was created as the cave roof progressively collapsed deepening the cavern.

In past times it is feasible and is speculated that the geodha of Smoo was all roofed and the cave extended from the full length. True or false it is understood that the cave was certainly larger than it is in present day. The roof was supported on large pillars as still seen today.

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